H2OBX Pools & Spas

Pricing Outer Banks Pool & Hot Tub Cleaning and Maintenance

Discount Service

We provide comprehensive service so if you are looking for a discount service you have come to the wrong place. If we were mowing your grasss we could get by with lowering our sevice expectations but dirty water can get people sick and in extreme cases cause death.

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$120.00 week for pool and spa combo

$70 pool only per week

$60.00 Spa or Hot Tub per week

reapairs are billed at $57.00 an hour

You pick how many weeks you want service and you don't have to pay for any more weeks than your house rents for. If you pay for 8 weeks and your house rents out you can easily add more weeks to your contract.

Our twice weekly service includes:

Water chemical test

  • Adjust chemicals
  • Maintain chemical feeders
  • Scrub scum line around pool
  • Empty skimmers
  • Vacuum pool and skim debris
  • Clean and check filtering system
  • Add water as needed
  • Renter abuse and incident reporting
  • Storm damage assessment